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This moment in history...

…has tasked our communities with tough, urgent conversations—conversations many of us don’t know how to have, and conversations many of us don’t want to have. As a facilitator, I open up spaces and offer tools to change that.


Race, class, mental health, gender, sex, religion...probably anything you were told was not polite conversation at the dinner table, I’ve brought it to a room of 20 - 500 people.


My facilitation techniques draw heavily from my background in the arts and my training in interfaith ritual and chaplaincy. I seek not only to engage the intellects gathered in the room, but also the wisdom of our bodies, our felt experiences, and the creative solutions and transformation that can arise between us when we open ourselves to a spirit of collaboration and play.

"As a facilitator Sarah has learned the intricate dance of deep listening, acknowledging, and challenging participants to deepen their understanding of the issues.  She knows how to foster an environment that is inviting, open, and compassionate for courageous conversations." 

            – Amy Burtaine

                Racial Equity Trainer

"Holy moly, the facilitator was so good at her role! Speaking well and with compassion re: social justice/ identities... I just want to say that the moderator’s humanity is really refreshing--validating our authority as knowers--the real embodiment of cogenerative dialogues."

- Survey Response

University of Connecticut Staff/Faculty

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