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One-On-One Coaching

Most transformational journeys benefit from compassionate accompaniment that can appropriately challenge and encourage us along the way. Whether you're looking to understand the way you show up as a leader, to reengage your inner artist in your work life, or to have some accountability as a white person working toward anti-racism, I am happy to be your witness and guiding mirror. 

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With multi-faceted experience as a teacher, a Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner, and an Amherst Writers and Artists workshop leader, I've designed and tailored interactive programming for a range of groups large and small--in person and online. I specialize in modalities that unlock our creativity and engage our embodied wisdom to change understanding and communication. 

Facilitation and Training

How do you harness and grow the wisdom and capacity of those gathered in the room? I've facilitated large group discussions and trainings on anti-racism, navigating conflict in the classroom, bias in mentoring, compassionate communication in healthcare settings, and much more. Whether you're at the stage of needing to plant the seeds of ideas or digging down to the roots of an issue, I can help you structure and foster the conversation. 

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