Theatre magic

costume and set budget. Having spent most of my life building theatrical experiences–from children's plays to Off-Broadway folk operas to the inventions of groups of non-actors in bare classrooms–I know that theatre's real magic is that it is the ultimate community builder, and it can happen anywhere. What might you transform if you didn't have to do it all by yourself? Reach out and let's see.

is more than the razzle dazzle that can be achieved by a large

"As an artist, Sarah is talented, inspired, and driven.  In making theatre about social justice topics she pushes herself and others to make work that is necessary and compelling.  Work that asks:  Whose voices are being heard?  Whose stories are being told?  Who is telling them?  She understands the power of storytelling and uses realism, symbolism and visual storytelling in ways that make audience’s think deeply about the issues at hand."

– Amy Burtaine, Former Director

Interactive Theatre Carolina