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Theatrical Offerings



Looking for extra homework? 


(Through Zoom until further notice) 

Scene and monologue study gives students ongoing opportunity to work with, observe, and receive feedback from fellow actors (in addition to teacher feedback, of course). Students will have the option to choose material to prepare, receive assignments, or even work sequentially through several scenes from a longer piece. Classes involve additional acting exercises as relevant to broaden and deepen technique and awareness.

Mondays 6:00 - 8:00pm 

Sliding Scale* $150 - $240 per 6 class package

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(Through Zoom until further notice) 

Working on monologues, technique, cold reads, self tapes, audition prep, self confidence, or just wanting to stay fresh, creative, and engaged in some down time? You'd be amazed at how much we can do through Zoom.

$40 per half hour session

$60 per full hour session

(Discounts available for multiple bookings)

* Sliding Scale payment structure means pay what you're able to within this range. It's my hope to make classes accessible enough that they can be a part of a sustainable acting journey for you. Paying more on the scale will help me offer scholarships and discounts to those who need them. 



•  Versatile, participatory experiences for groups–the action comes from you!

•  Can happen just once or in a series.

• Ideal for groups of 15 - 30 people, although some offerings can be made for groups of up to 60 people.

• Workshops are often a way for a group to reflect on and discuss a topic together; they might use games, image theatre techniques, acting exercises, storytelling, writing, guided visualization, movement, breath work, or other tools.

• Existing programs engage topics such as: gender, privilege, work and play styles, stress, as well as topics that arise in a group's shared environment.

•  These are excellent options for classes, conference breakout sessions, staff retreat programs, or as follow-ups to performances.


• Professional actors bring a blend of scripted and improvisational theatre to both present something to an audience and then guide them to interact with the characters, ideas, and each other.

• Ideal for groups of 40 - 500 people

• Ready performance offering:

Where's the Line

>>An interactive, educational performance that walks audiences through difficult conversations about understanding social identity, privilege, and cultural awareness.

>>In less than 90 minutes, 2 skilled actor/facilitators employ numerous theatrical tools to illustrate the impact historical inequities still have on our lives and relationships today and then create space for constructive dialogue about where to go next.

• Made-to-order performances also possible.


• Your group builds something together with the help of the teaching artist over multiple sessions.

• Residencies might result in a finished performance product, in a group of people now able to think and act as an ensemble, in intentionally transformed group culture, and/or in a better understanding of an idea the group wanted to explore through embodied theatrical modalities. 

• Ideal for groups of 15 - 30 people, depending on the organizers' goals.

• Highly customizable, like workshops, residencies teach participants to use many of the tools employed in workshops and performances: body awareness, making proposals, deep listening, image theatre, story, movement, and more.

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